Hank Pellissier is eager to inform schools, media publications, groups or individuals of his knowledge in cognition and education topics.  

He is available as a lecturer, writer, teacher, consultant, and conference organizer.

Reasonable rates, sliding scale, selected topics listed below:

Character Education: Teaching children Forgiveness, Grit, Curiosity and Gratitude, based on curriculums and tips arrived at via scientific research. 

PreSchool Math: Teaching children aged 3-5 math skills via introduction to numeracy (counting), measurement, magnitude, shapes & spatial, sets, patterns, and subitization. Techniques are verified in university studies. 

Children's Brain Health: Information on the environmental and educational factors that impact cognitive functionality; based on scientific research references in Brighter Brains: 225 ways to elevate or injure IQ.

College Advice: Advice on choosing and acquiring admission into your ideal college or university, plus advice on choosing a major and career, locating internships, and exploring the gap option. 

Senior Fitness: Advice and training on getting and staying physically strong, mentally alert, and enhancing longevity, via this website. 

Hank Pellissier's entire resume is HERE